In current times it is particularly relevant the need for integration of applications supporting business, as well as their adaptation to the processes and procedures defined and set as standard within the organization.

The growing need for mobility makes it essential that employees can access company information, its processes and information through web portals and enabled services, supported by BPM (Business Process Management) and Document Management (Document Management).

With our business-oriented solutions, decision makers have better access to information, allowing real-time business monitoring and with a faster decision making process.




Document Management

Gescor is an advanced document management solution. Developed by Gfi, Gescor allows integration with electronic authentication, including, the Portuguese Citizen's Card and is implemented in a variety of public organizations, including major Portuguese Municipalities, and different companies.


IT Governance

With increasing demands regarding Information Technology, it is essential to ensure that investments generate business value and reduce the likelihood of risk. Gfi supports its clients in ensuring high standards of service, cost efficiency and improved levels of safety.



BPM - Business Process Management

Over the past year, Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) reached the maturity needed to provide a significant added value to businesses and departments of Information Technology (IT), especially when combining with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


BI - Business Intelligence

Our BI solutions allow companies to transform data stored in their systems into qualitative information essential for decision making, providing a more rich, dynamic and productive business environment.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Gfi identifies and implements CRM solutions (Customer Management and Relationship), helping companies find, win and develop closer relationships with customers.




Gfi implements corporate websites and Intranet, as well as the most advanced web solutions, in sectors like Tourism, Health, Public Services, and others. more


EPM - Enterprise Project Management

EPM solutions allow the professionalization of project management, supporting integration and dematerialization, lowering costs and supporting standardization and continuing improvement of processes.



Management Platform for Education

Gfi provides a platform for management of education activities, helping the management of resources from an online application and the control of summaries of classes, attendance, resource allocations, schools and classes, processing fees and salaries, among other features.


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