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Gfi offers its customers innovative solutions for the industry, fully adapted to different corporate activities, helping companies reaching deeper levels of detail in the coverage of specific tasks, with improvements in productivity, storage and preparation of shipments, optimization of storage space and reliability of logistics.

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Logistics field includes not only the flow and storage of goods but also requires the construction and design processes, in direct connection to production, marketing, engineering and finance.

The concept of Supply Chain Management inherent at these markets, emphasizes the interest in an integrated way to manage the interactions between functional areas of a company or between companies, and guiding the flow channel of the product and use of networks and efficient distribution, to achieve a sustained competitive advantage.

As a business partner of your company, Gfi faces similar issues, concerns and problems:

• Energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions will increase exponentially;
•  Sustainability will be integrated in business politics;
•  Action Plan for ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) will boost development and improve the governance;
•  Investment in electronic systems, monitoring and security will increase;
•  Automation rates, payment and intelligence performance will support and enhance interoperability and integration;
•  Stabilization of prerequisites for inter-enterprise, including optimal horizontal supply chain.



Gfi offers an improved, enhanced schema off collaboration addressing specifically our clients topics.

• Portal Web 2.0
• Web 2.0 Portal
• Mobile communication
• Collaborative intranet
• Urban mobility
• Operational Conditional Maintenance
• Intelligent Transport Systems               



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